Helping Hand Classic Reacher Standard 26 inch

The Helping Hand Classic Reacher Standard 26-inch features a unique hook trigger that provides easy operation and allows users to hang the reacher by the trigger on a walker or wheelchair. The ergonomic textured handle allows the user’s hand and fingers to be in a more natural position when using this reaching aid. Helping Hand Classic Reacher Standard 26-inch is a lightweight helping hand grabber ideal for picking up everyday objects around the home. The jaws provide a secure but gentle grip when grabbing things high or low. At the tip end of the reacher is a handy magnet for picking up small metal objects, such as paper clips, even in tight spaces. The dressing post allows the user to pull up socks and clothes easily without bending. The jaws open to 3.25 inches for grasping objects and the reacher weighs 6.2 ounces, making it lightweight and ideal for picking up clothes when dressing. The Helping Hand Classic Reacher is available in 2 lengths, Standard 26 inches or Long 32 inches. Sitting down to get dressed, reaching from a chair, or reaching from a standing position, the Standard 26-inch length will provide extended reach. For additional reach up to higher shelves, or for users over 5 feet 10 inches tall, the manufacturer recommends the Long 32-inch length to avoid any unnecessary stretching or balancing acts. The Helping Hand Classic Reacher Standard 26-inch long handle grabber is helpful for a variety of household activities for users who struggle when bending and reaching. Helping Hand Classic Reacher Instructions Buy 3 or more and Save. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Helping Hand Classic Reacher Standard 26-inch Specifications: Length: Standard 26 inches. Includes: Magnetic tip, Dressing post, Stick Clip. Jaw: Grooved, opens 3.25 inches wide. Handle: Ergonomic non-slip grip, Hook trigger. Weight capacity: Manufacturer advises not to pick up objects greater than 2.2 pounds (1kg) as this will stretch the cord inside. Made in: UK.