Push Sports Wrist Support

The Push Sports Wrist Support is an easy to apply wrist wrap with adjustable, bi-directional, latex-free straps. Users with a mild wrist injury will find this wrist support provides optimal compression and support and is designed to be easily applied with one hand. The Push Sports Wrist Support is designed with a unique thumb loop that allows users to be able to apply the wrap one handed. The adjustable bi-directional straps provide optimal compression and comfort for mild wrist injuries. Lined with anti-slip silicone strips, the brace stays securely in place during sports activities. This wrist support is indicated for preventing wrist strain, treatment of mild sprains or strains, or laxity of the wrist. To apply the support, place the thumb loop over the thumb and pull the long strap around the wrist, securing it so it is comfortably snug. Remove the loop from the thumb and pull the strap with the loop in the other direction around the wrist and secure it snugly. The Push Sports Wrist Support comes in one size with Right and Left hand versions and fits wrist circumference 5-1/2 – 7-7/8 inches. Push Sports Wrist Support Information Push Sports Wrist Support Specifications: Choose: Left or right hand. Fits: Wrist circumference 5-1/2 – 7-7/8 inches. Care: Close all straps before washing. Place the brace in a net bag. Machine wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature. Allow to air dry. DO NOT add bleach. DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher.