IMAK Polar Ice Finger Sleeves

The patented IMAK Polar Ice Finger Sleeves are compression sleeves with easy-to-use encapsulated ice packs that can be quickly applied to an injured finger. Users will find compression and cold therapy can help speed healing and prevent joint stiffness of strained and sprained fingers. The IMAK Polar Ice Finger Sleeves are designed to provide just enough support to allow for early motion of the injured finger. The ice is encapsulated to conform well to the finger and eliminate migration during use. The soft fleece material insulates the skin to prevent frostbite and wicks moisture away. The sleeve transports easily in cooler with ice and provides quick refreeze time. IMAK Polar Ice Finger Sleeves are available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. IMAK Polar Ice Instructions IMAK Polar Ice Finger Sleeves Specifications: Materials: 70% Neorene, 30% Viscoelastic Polymer Gel. Choose size: Small, Medium, Large. Dimensions: 2 inches long, Small 1/2 inch wide, Medium 3/4 inch wide, Large 1-1/8 inch wide. Includes: Package of 2. Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Made in: USA.