FeatherLite Reacher Standard 26 inch

The FeatherLite Reacher Standard 26 inch is lightweight and allows users to grasp hard to reach items easily. The ergonomic trigger design minimizes the effort required to securely grasp objects. The FeatherLite Reacher Standard 26 inch features a sturdy, plastic jaw that provides gripping power allowing users to lift heavier objects with confidence. The handy magnet on the top of the jaw is useful for picking up small metal objects. This reaching device helps users pick up items without bending over, retrieve items from hard-to-reach places and reach into narrow places. The end has a post that creates a hook to pull clothing or blankets that are out of reach. The straight edge tip can be used to push buttons or a flat wall switch. The curved lower jaw is properly aligned with the upper rubberized serrated edge to maintain grip on small and large items. Slim design allows users to retrieve fallen items from tight spaces. The FeatherLite Reacher Standard 26 inch extends reach 23 inches and weighs only 6.2 oz. The FeatherLite Reacher is ideal for people who have difficulty bending. Buy 3 or more and Save $$. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. FeatherLite Reacher Standard 26 inch Specifications: Standard length: 26 inches. Weight: 6. ounces. Maximum jaw opening: 2.75 inches. Maximum jaw capacity: 3 pounds.