Stirex Ergonomic Fork Knife

The Stirex Ergonomic Fork Knife features a high quality stainless steel blade with fork shaped front designed for cutting vegetables or picking up cheese. The ergonomic handle design provides proper positioning allowing the arm, wrist and hand a neutral, relaxed working position. The Stirex Ergonomic Fork Knife upright handle design increases leverage in cutting, utilizing the power of the whole arm and conserving energy, thus making it easier to use for those with a weak grasp and/or reduced hand strength. The ergonomic handle allows users to avoid working with a bent wrist to help prevent wrist strain and pain. The upright handle also helps reduce the risk of cutting injuries in the fingers, which can happen with traditional knives when the hand slides over the handle to the blade. This multipurpose ergonomic knife has a 4.5 inch long blade with a two prong fork-like tips, and a serration on half the blade. Made of high carbon stainless steel, the blade retains it’s sharpness longer and easily cuts through vegetables, including the thin skin on tomatoes. The lightweight knife weighs 3-3/8 ounces. The Stirex Ergonomic Fork Knife is an excellent upright handle knife for food preparation and dining. Stirex Ergonomic Fork Knife Specifications: Blade: High carbon stainless steel. Blade measures: 4.5 inches long. Handle measures: 4.88 inches high. Overall measures: 7 inches long, 4.88 inches high. Weighs: 3-3/8 ounces.