The Right Brush Ergonomic Paint Brush

Comfort, control and less stress distinguish The Right Brush Ergonomic Paint Brush from all other paint brushes. The right angle handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, eliminating wrist and hand aches and pains. The Right Brush Ergonomic Paint Brush is a professional tool made with the finest push-chisel polyester-nylon bristles and stainless steel ferrule. The white polypropylene handle cleans up very nicely and includes a hanging hook that is invaluable in keeping the work are clean. Because the brush is of such fine quality it performs delicate tasks as well as swift broad coverage with ease. It is like having several top quality brushes in one. The Right Brush Ergonomic Paint Brush keeps the user’s wrist and hand in better alignment to prevent hand and wrist strain. “I wanted the brush to work like a natural extension of the hand…to be as comfortable, useful and beautiful as possible.” – Mark Wholey Sculptor and Inventor “The Right Brush’s ergonomic design is made for your hand. The Right Brush allows your wrist to be in a more “neutral” position allowing the stronger arm and shoulder muscles to be employed. This places less stress on the many small joints and muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm.” -Joy Twelves, Physical Therapist The Right Brush Specifications: Available in: 2-1/2 inch angle cut. Bristles: Push-chisel Polyester-Nylon. Ferrule: Stainless steel. Handle: White polypropolene.