NCMed Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles

The NCMed Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles is an easy-to-use dressing tool for putting on socks designed for people who have difficulty reaching their feet. The semi-rigid plastic trough holds a sock or stocking in place while being pulled onto the foot. The NCMed Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles allows users to put on socks without having to bend over. Molded from high-quality semi-flexible plastic, the formed sock aid is rigid to prevent the sides from collapsing and allows the users’ foot to easily slide into the open sock. The sidewalls are thicker and have smoother edges than other devices to avoid damage to socks or stockings. The foam disc on the underside of the trough prevents the sock from sliding off before it is completely on the foot. The two soft foam handles are comfortable to grip and easier to hold for users with weak hand strength. The triangle handles are designed to minimize bending of the wrist and to encourage the use of larger muscle groups to pull socks up rather than relying exclusively on hands that may be swollen, painful or lack fine motor control to perform such a task. The unique handle placement on the rope assists in maintaining grip while the user pulls the sock up. The foam padded handles are non-slip and attached to smooth soft, durable nylon rope that can easily adjust to desired length. The cord adjustment knots are located on the outer part of the device to avoid contact with skin. People who have back pain, limited motion or weakness in their hips, legs or back will find the NCMed Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles helpful for putting on socks. Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapists often recommend sock aids following knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, back surgery, for users with arthritis, diabetes, disabilities, the elderly, and those living alone. NCMed Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles Instructions NCMed Molded Sock Aid with Two Handles Specifications: Cords measure: 33 inches long. Trough measurements: 4 inches wide, 9.5 inches long, 3 inches deep. Handles measure: 1 inch diameter, 4 inches long. Material: Nylon cord, soft foam handles.