Yard Butler Terra Planter

The Yard Butler Terra Planter is an all steel professional gardening hand tool designed with a dual action head for planting and picking. The durable, heat treated tool steel head is light weight, while providing heavy duty long lasting performance. The Yard Butler Terra Planter is designed with a dual head that is completely welded onto the all steel handle and has a comfortable cushion grip. One half of the professional planting tool is an all-purpose unbreakable trowel that digs with leverage action. The other end is a tapered pick end ideal for loosening, tilling, and furrowing the soil. The light weight, all steel with 15 inch handle has a comfortable cushioned grip. The Yard Butler Terra Planter professional grade dual head hand tool helps make planting and gardening tasks easier. Yard Butler Terra Planter Specifications: Measures: 15.5 inches long, 10 inches wide, 3 inches high. Weighs: 1 lbs. Material: Heavy duty powder coated steel.