Yard Butler Bulb Planter

The Yard Butler Bulb Planter long handle garden tool is ideal for planting any kind of bulb. This adapted gardening tool allows users to easily make holes for bedding plants without bending over. The Yard Butler Bulb Planter is easy to use as well, requiring only a simple twist action to make a hole, and the foot bar provides added leverage. The 6 inch deep and 3 inch wide barrel creates the ideal size hole for bulbs. The 37 inch tall handle eliminates bending over, and the cushioned hand grips provide added comfort. For best results, moisten soil before planting, then position the garden planter where plant or bulb is to be placed. Next, step down on side foot bar and twist to cut hole to desired depth, then pull up and tap to remove core. The Yard Butler Bulb Planter is made of heavy duty powder coated steel is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Yard Butler Bulb Planter Specifications: Measures: 37 inches long, 9 inches wide, with 6 inch deep and 3 inch wide barrel. Weighs: 4 pounds. Materials: Heavy duty powder coated steel.