CanDo Adjustable Cuff 10 lb Weight

The CanDo Adjustable Cuff 10 lb Weight includes weighted inserts that can be removed from the padded pockets to adjust the resistance for progressive exercises. This adapted weight comfortably fits the ankle with a D-ring closure. The CanDo Adjustable Cuff 10lb Weight includes twenty weighted bars pre-inserted into the weight pockets. The 0.5-pound weighted bars are easy to remove or add. The padded pouch is designed to fit comfortably and securely around the ankle. Place weight inserts in pockets and cover with flaps securely fastening the hook/loop so the inserts will not fall out during use. The CanDo Adjustable Cuff 10 lb Weight is helpful for progressive resistance ankle exercises and lower body strengthening. CanDo Adjustable Cuff Weight Instructions CanDo Adjustable Cuff 10 lb Weight Specifications: Color: Blue. Includes: Cuff with D-ring closure, twenty 0.5lb weighted bars. Material: Latex free. Weight: 10 lbs. Dimensions: 16 inches long, 4.75 inches wide. Fits: Ankle. Choose: Single weight or Pair.