CanDo Microwavable Theraputty 2 oz

The CanDo Microwavable Theraputty 2 oz hand exercise putty is designed to provide a more comfortable experience for hand therapy fo people with limited hand motion and strength. This new formula allows users to warm the exercise putty in a microwave and then perform soothing hand exercises with the warmed putty. CanDo Microwavable Theraputty 2 oz resistive hand exercise material allows users to squeeze, pinch, stretch, grip, twist and perform various hand exercises. Therapeutic exercise putty also provides benefits like increased blood flow for healing, optimizing functional hand range of motion, improving fine motor skills, and even stress relief. For gently increasing range of motion or to reduce stiffness, use the softer orange putty. For developing a stronger grip, use the firmer blue putty. CanDo Theraputty is non-toxic, non-oily, bleed-proof, latex-free, and leaves no residue. The putty will not fragment, separate, stain, or stick to the skin. Users will find squeezing, stretching, twisting, pinching, pulling the therapy in different ways will meet a wide range of strengthening needs. Theraputty can be formed into various shapes, included in the manual, providing a balanced exercise program. Strengthening opposing muscles in the hand requires a delicate muscular balance. We recommend supervision by your therapist or doctor regarding repetitions and intensity of use and notification in case pain is experienced. To care for Theraputty, avoid the use of lotion and wash hands before use to prevent soiling and to help maintain the resistance of the putty. Theraputty should be kept in the storage container when not being used. It should not be placed on rugs or fabrics for a prolonged period of time. CanDo Microwavable Theraputty is is the name trusted by more doctors, therapists, hospitals and clinics than any other to strengthen hand muscles and grip, improve fine motor skills and decrease stress. Choose from Soft Orange or Firm Blue microwavable TheraPutty for soothing hand exercises. TheraPutty Instructions for Assembly and Use CanDo Microwavable Theraputty 2 oz Specifications: Dimensions: 3.25 inch diameter, 1.5 inch high. Weighs: 0.3 lbs. Choose: Soft Orange or Firm Blue resistance. Material: Gluten, casein, and latex-free. Made in: USA. Includes: One 2 oz CanDo Microwavable Theraputty.