AquaJogger Pro Plus Flotation Belt

The AquaJoggerยฎ Pro Plus Flotation Belt is designed to provide 50% more buoyancy than the Classic belt. Men or athletes with more muscle mass who are “sinkers” will find this water fitness and therapy belt helpful. The AquaJoggerยฎ Pro Plus Flotation Belt has a patented, contoured design that promotes correct posture, supports the lower back, and tones abdominal muscles. The buoyancy belt comfortably suspends the body at shoulder level in deep water, allowing the user to breathe naturally and move freely underwater to perform a multitude of underwater exercises. This water exercise belt is made of high quality, resilient closed cell foam that won’t absorb water, dries quickly, and resist chlorine damage. The patented water flotation belt comes with an easily adjustable 48 inch elastic belt strap designed to accommodate up to a 48 inch waist size. The elasticized strap is 2 inches wide and can be adjusted to fit waist sizes up to 48 inches. This strap may be replaced with our Aqua Jogger flotation belt replacement straps that are available in 36, 48, 55 and 60 inch lengths. The AquaJoggerยฎ Pro Plus Flotation Belt is made from soft and flexible closed-cell foam material that does not absorb water. AquaJogger Water Workout Guide Instructions AquaJoggerยฎ Pro Plus Flotation Belt Specifications: Belt measures: 48 inches long, fits up to a 48 inch waist. Buckle: Quick-release style. Foam measures: 25-3/4 inches long, 11-1/4 inches high in center, 2 inches thick. Color: Blue. Made in: USA.