Danmar Dolphin Flotation System

The Dolphin Flotation System is an adapted swim aid for individuals who have head and trunk control, but may need to compensate for uneven weight. The removable chest and side pads provide additional support and allow for customization. The Dolphin Flotation System has a removable front chest pad that provides additional lift. The two side pads help to minimize lateral rotation. The flotation system is available in small size for users weighing 30-75 pounds, and large for users weighing 75-200 pounds. The Dolphin Floatation System is constructed of Ensolite Marine Flotation Foam and triple coated with a durable vinyl finish. The material will not sink or absorb water. Each piece is bright yellow and highly visible in the water. Rainbow polypropylene webbing and super tough nylon buckles resist chlorine and salt water corrosion. The Dolphin Crotch Strap may be used to keep the swim aid in position while swimming. The Dolphin Flotation System Crotch Strap and additional Dolphin Flotation System Replacement pads are available by special order. Dolphin Flotation System Specifications: Choose size: Small or Large. Small Size fits: Users weighing 30 – 75 pounds. Large Size fits: Users weighing 75 – 200 pounds. Small Size Dimensions: 19 inches long, 12 inches wide. Large Size Dimensions: 22 inches long, 14 inches wide. Material: Ensolite marine flotation foam, a closed-cell polyvinyl foam. Color: Yellow. Custom colors available by special request. Accessories: Dolphin Crotch Strap, Dolphin Replacement Pads by special order. Made in: USA.