Seal Tight Sport Cast Cover Pediatric

The Seal Tight Sport Cast Cover Pediatric is an easy to apply, waterproof cast cover specially designed to keep casts and bandages dry during swimming and recreational water activities. This waterproof cast protector allows children to enjoy summer time water activities. The Seal Tight Sport Cast Cover Pediatric durable sport version is designed for children participating in water sports, or just weekend fun in the swimming pool or splash pad. This safe, economical protector for arm and leg casts and bandages is made of a high performance thermoplastic elastomer that stretches easily and provides a waterproof seal. The cover is easy to apply, and does not require pumps, hook & loop closures, or adhesive tapes that may irritate skin. To apply, simply squeeze the excess air out of the bag as the protected, covered end of the cast is submerged into the water. This slowly creates a negative pressure inside the cast which further enhances the suction capability of the material. This waterproof cast protector is reusable, folds compactly, and lasts for 3 – 4 weeks when used daily. The Seal Tight Sport Cast Cover Pediatric provides a safe, economical waterproof protector for casts and bandages. Seal Tight Sport Cast Cover Pediatric Specifications: Choose: Arm or Leg. Measures: Arm measures 21 inches long, Leg measures 28 inches long. Fits: Children ages 2-10 years old. Made of: TPE, a high performance thermoplastic elastomer, not made with natural rubber latex. Made in: USA.