Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher Long 32 inch

The Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher Long 32-inch is a helpful daily living aid for grabbing a variety of items. People with reduced mobility or those recovering from joint surgery will find this reaching aid helpful for independence. The Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher Long 32-inch has a handle grip that is non-slip for a secure hold. The ergonomically designed grip handle helps prevent wrist, hand, and finger strain. The Gripcert jaw securely grips items such as paper, and fabric without damaging them. At the end of the reacher is a dressing post and a magnetic tip. The hooked trigger is easy to use and helps prevent the fingers from slipping. The Standard 26-inch length is most useful for dressing, while the Long 32-inch length is an option for taller users. For daily activities such as sitting down to get dressed, reaching from a chair, or standing up in the kitchen, the 26-inch standard size is recommended. For reaching up to higher shelves, or users over 5 feet 10 inches tall, the manufacturer recommends the longer 32-inch size to avoid unnecessary stretching or balancing acts. The Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher Standard 26-inch will help users with limited mobility make everyday tasks easier and enhance daily living independence. Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher Instructions Buy 3 or more and Save. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above. Helping Hand Classic PRO Reacher Long 32-inch Specifications: Length: Long 32 inches. Includes: Magnetic tip, Dressing post, Stick Clip. Jaw: Gripcert. Trigger: Hook. Lifting capacity: Manufacturer advises not to pick up objects greater than 2.2 pounds (1kg) as this will stretch the wire inside. Model: HA6232. Weighs: 12.6 ounces. Made in: UK.