Ventopedic Econo Offloading Butterfly Lift Boot

The Ventopedic Econo Offloading Butterfly Lift Boot provides effective moisture relief and cushioning for the lower leg and heel. This easy to apply made of highly specialized three dimensional fabric provides increased comfort and continuous air ventilation. The Ventopedic Econo Offloading Butterfly Lift Boot creates soft cushioning for pressure relief of the heel, ankle, foot and lower leg. The fabric is made of material that has a balance of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers to attract and expel the moisture four times faster than standard fabrics. This combination of fibers allows user’s heel to remain dry and comfortable. The 3-dimentional fabric provides continuous ventilation, effectively preventing moisture build up, and eliminating odors generally caused by moisture related bacterial growth. The heel boot keeps the skin at a regulated temperature which will eliminate the likelihood of skin breakdown and or the formation of pressure ulcers. The soft inner lining provides additional comfort and reduces the possibility of shearing and friction. The soft and breathable nylon exterior allows the boot to slide smoothly over bed sheets. The opening at the heel allows the suspended heel to be easily monitored. The unique butterfly lift design effective cushions the heel for better protection. The Ventopedic Econo Offloading Butterfly Lift Boot can be machine washed and dried and is designed to fit most adults. Ventopedic Pressure Relief Products Information Ventopedic Econo Offloading Butterfly Lift Boot Specifications: Fabric content: 90% Polyester 10% Cotton, Latex Free. Fabric care: Machine Washable 160 – 167ยฐF, Drying Temperature 220ยฐF. Fits: Calf circumference 10 – 18 inches. Left or right foot. Color: Black. Measures: 6 inches wide, 14 inches long, 10.5 inches high overall.