Mangar CAMEL Lifting Chair with Airflo 24

The Mangar CAMEL Lifting Chair is an inflatable lifting cushion with a supportive back rest, designed to lift a fallen person from the floor into a seated position. Powered by a portable compressor, this emergency lifting cushion is positioned underneath the fallen person before being inflated. The CAMEL Lifting Chair includes a supportive back rest, which when inflated raises the person to an upright position. This emergency lifting device takes just a couple of minutes to set up and inflate, meaning the user can quickly raise a fallen person to avoid leaving them on the floor for long periods of time while waiting for help. The Mangar CAMEL is very easy to use and will lift users weighing up 700lbs, requiring minimal intervention from the attendant. Lightweight and portable, this inflatable lifting chair can be used indoors or out. The Airflo 24 Compressor is an easy to use, battery-powered air compressor that inflates the CAMEL Lifting Chair. The durable plastic shell with an easy to carry, sturdy briefcase style handle allows it to be used anywhere, inside or out, making it perfect for a home environment or when traveling. The Airflo 24 power source, 1 replaceable 24-volt battery, is monitored by the internal microprocessor and the indicator light 4 level status light shows its level of charge. Powered by the Airflo 24 Compressor, the CAMEL inflatable emergency lifting cushion has four large cushions and 2 backrest cushions which are inflated one by one until the fallen person can be transferred to a seat or is able to stand. The Mangar CAMEL Lifting Chair provides a safe, stable and dignified lift while protecting the user and the attendant from injury. Mangar CAMEL Lifting Chair Information Mangar CAMEL Lifting Chair Instructions Non returnable if packaging is opened. Mangar CAMEL Lifting Chair Specifications: Includes: CAMEL Lifting Chair, Airflo 24 Compressor. Maximum User Weight: Lifts up to 700 lbs. Item Weight: Chair 14 lbs, compressor 13 lbs. Inflated Seat Dimensions: 28 inches wide, 21.5 inches high, 19 inches deep, 44 inches long. Inflated Backrest Dimensions: 32.5 inches high, 24.5 inches wide. Deflated Rolled Dimensions: 30.5 inches long, 8 inches high. Color: Grey. Care: Clean with soft sponge and detergent solution.