Push Sports Wrist Brace

The Push Sports Wrist Brace is designed with ergonomic support that fit the contours of the wrist and hand. This anatomically shaped wrist brace has palmar stays that limit movement, immobilizing the wrist while allowing greater hand function for sports activities. The Push Sports Brace is designed with minimal palmar material to allow better hand function. The wide elastic band permits allows the wearer to precisely adjust the support needed. The design compresses the wrist while allowing motion, providing a comfortable fit with no pressure on bony wrist areas. People with wrist sprains or strains, mild wrist instability, wrist tendinitis, simple non-displaced fractures, arthritis, or those needing support after a wrist fracture will find this high quality, ergonomic wrist brace helpful. Minimal material in the palm and the sleek design allows users to easily wear this brace under coats, clothes, and gloves, and perform sports activities. The Push Sports Wrist Brace can be machine washed on gentle cycle at low temperature. To determine the size of the Push Sports Wrist Brace needed, measure around the wrist as shown. Push Sports Wrist Brace Information Push Sports Wrist Brace Specifications: Choose size: Small, Medium or Large, and select Right or Left hand. Small fits: Wrist circumference 5-1/8 – 6-1/8 inches. Medium fits: Wrist circumference 6-1/8 – 7-1/8 inches. Large fits: Wrist circumference 7-1/8 – 8-1/8 inches. Care: Close all straps before washing. Place the brace in a net bag. Machine wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature. Allow to air dry. DO NOT add bleach. DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher.