Push Sports Elbow Brace

The Push Sports Elbow Brace is an easy to apply brace for relieving Tennis or Golfer’s elbow tendonitis. The brace includes a unique pad that applies pressure to the inflamed tendon for effective pain relief. The Push Sports Elbow Brace is designed with a specialized pad that applies pressure to specific muscles to relieve the tendon insertion of these muscles on the elbow joint. Pressure from the soft springy pad comfortably controls pain while keeping the brace securely in place. The easy to apply brace is indicated for Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) or Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis). The brace is latex free and machine washable, and is designed to be very comfortable to wear while playing sports. To apply the brace, first insert the end of the strap through the strap ring and slide the brace up the arm. In the case of a tennis elbow the yellow pad is positioned on the outside of the elbow; in the case of a golfer’s elbow it should be on the inside of the elbow. The strap ring should not be located in the crease of the elbow, and the brace should be placed approximately 3 inches below the elbow crease. Secure the strap tightly enough to feel pressure when the arm is bent and the muscles are tightened. No tension should be felt when the muscles are relaxed. The strap can be left in the strap ring when the brace is removed for easier removal and application. The Push Sports Elbow Brace is available in one size which fits elbow measurements of 7-7/8 to 14 inches and can be worn either on the right or left arm. Push Sports Elbow Brace Information Push Sports Elbow Brace Specifications: Fits elbow measurement: 7-7/8 to 14 inches. Measure: Elbow circumference at the crease. Fits: Universal for Left or Right elbow. Size: Available in One size. Care: Close all straps before washing. Place the brace in a net bag. Machine wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature. Allow to air dry. DO NOT add bleach. DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher.