Push Care Knee Brace

The Pushยฎ Care Knee Brace is a high quality, ergonomically knee support brace designed for optimal comfort and protection, while minimizing the restriction of knee movement. This knee brace is uniquely designed to provide patella support without increased pressure. The Pushยฎ Care Knee Brace allows upward movement of the patella while supporting it on both sides and preventing unwanted pressure on the patella tendon. The open thigh design allows users to easily step-in to apply the brace, and provides wide range of adjustments for thigh size. Diagonal straps allow users to individually adjust for pressure and comfort. The material creates a soft, comfortable feel against the skin while wicking away moisture, and internal silicone strips prevent the brace from slipping. People with mild functional instability, patella instability, patellofemoral pain, or arthritis of the knee may find the Pushยฎ Care Knee Brace helpful for decreasing pain. The Pushยฎ Care Knee Brace can be machine washed on gentle cycle at low temperature. Push Care Knee Brace Information Pushยฎ Care Knee Brace Specifications: Choose size: 1 to 5 . Fits: Left or Right Knee. Materials: Sympress microfiber, hook and loop fasteners. Care: Machine washed on gentle cycle at low temperature.