Big Grip Utensil Strap

The Big Grip Utensil Strap makes holding Good Grips large handle utensils easier. Attach the elastic loops to the built up utensil handle and slip the hand through the strap. The loop helps hold the utensil so no gripping is required. Big Grip Utensil Strap is available in a standard adult size and a smaller pediatric size. The Big Grip Standard Size Utensil Strap fits almost any adult hand. Use this strap with all Big Grip utensils as well as other large or built-up handles. Big Grip Pediatric Utensil Strap fits the Big Grip Pediatric Spoon, and fits handles with a circumference of approximately 2-1/2 to 3 inches, and a length of at least 3 inches. The Big Grip Utensil Strap is machine washable, and air drying is recommended. **Note: Utensil shown in image is for demonstration only and is not included. Big Grip Utensil Strap Specifications: Choose size: Standard size or Pediatric Size. Standard Strap fits: Adult hands, can be used with all Big Grip Utensils and other large handle utensils. Pediatric Strap fits: Children’s hands, used with the Big Grip Pediatric Spoon. Care: Machine wash, air dry.