Cutting Board with Pivot Knife

The Cutting Board with Pivot Knife is a cutting board with a special hinge that allows the attached knife to chop through an arc of 90 degrees. People with the use of one hand, individuals with upper extremity, fine motor or grasping disabilities, or tremors will find this adapted food preparation board easy to use. The Cutting Board with Pivot Knife combination increases safety in the kitchen. The food-grade cutting board secures to the work surface with 4 suction cups that help to prevent it from sliding during use. The chef knife attaches to the cutting board with a pivot hinge to control the chopping motion. The chef knife has an ergonomically shaped handle for easier grasping and a stainless steel blade. The included chef knife removes easily for washing or sharpening. Cutting Board with Pivot Knife adapted cutting board with attached knife that hinges enabling safe one-handed use. Cutting Board with Pivot Knife Specifications: Board Measures: 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep. Care: Dishwasher-safe. Made of: Durable, sanitary polyboard. Color: White.