RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set

The b>RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set includes three massage balls in different sizes and different densities. These easy-to-use massage balls are designed to pinpoint tight muscles with precision and mobilize sore muscles that other tools canย’t touch. RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set includes one large, one medium, and one small round massage ball. These helpful mobility tools users effectively apply pressure for accurate, relieving massage where it is most needed. Made of top-grade silicone, the massage balls can even be heated or cooled. For a warm, relaxing experience, simply soak them in hot water for five to ten minutes. Or for a cold, refreshing sensation, soak them in ice water, freeze or place them in the refrigerator. The Large Green Round is soft, like a fresh tennis ball, the Medium Blue Round is just a little stiffer, and the Black Micro Round is stiff, like a lacrosse ball. These massage balls bust up tension in sensitive spots like the head, feet, and hands, and are specifically designed for the body, not sports. People come in all shapes and sizes, and these massage balls comfortably fit where other tools canย’t, providing more treatment options, and complementing other RAD tools. These massage balls help users find the fit they need to address their trigger point issue, relieve tension, increase mobility, move and feel better. These compact massage balls allow users to target small, stubborn spots that other bulky tools just brush over. The RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set are specially designed to help relieve tension associated with jaw pain, sore hands, achy feet, forearm pain, arthritis, headaches, muscle tension, fascia pain. The RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set includes access to the free RAD Mobility App with access 250+ usage videos, curated playlists, and more. Learn how to use the massage balls for deep tissue massage and more. Users can learn how to relieve tension, increase mobility and, most importantly, move and feel better, experience real-time injury prevention, muscle recovery, and relief in motion. RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set User Guide RAD Rounds Massage Balls Set Specifications: Includes: Set of 3, 1 mini black, 1 medium blue, 1 large soft green. Materials: 100% eco-friendly silicone, BPA, latex and plastic free. Sizes: Black 0.75 inch diameter, Blue 1.6 inch diameter, Green 2.2 inch diameter. Weights: Black 0.3 ounces, Blue 1.6 ounces, Green 3.6 ounces. Packaging: Recycleable. Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer warranty on all RADRoller products; please contact the manufacturer for more information.