MindStart 60 Piece Barn Puzzle

The MindStart 60 Piece Barn Puzzle is a large format jigsaw puzzle that provides a higher level challenge than the 12 or 24-piece puzzles. This large print adapted puzzle is helpful for those who can no longer finish puzzles with 100 or more pieces, and the larger size is ideal for 2 people working together. The MindStart 60 Piece Barn Puzzle is designed with a red barn image that inspires thoughts and conversation about time in the country or on a farm. Caregivers for people with mild cognitive impairment, very early-stage dementia, and adults who want something simpler and faster than traditional puzzles will find this adapted puzzle helpful. Each easy-to-handle large puzzle piece measures 2 x 1-3/4 inch, and the completed puzzle size measures 11.5 inches wide and 16.25 inches long. Adapted jigsaw puzzles provide brain exercise to people, such as: visualizing and determining how the pieces should be oriented and fit together (visual-spatial skills); matching colors; dexterity of the fingers; and concentration. MindStart puzzles are especially good for people who want a simpler puzzle, who have mild memory loss, or are patients in therapy for stroke, head injury, or Parkinson’s. Designed by an occupational therapist, the MindStart 60 Piece Barn Puzzle is a unique puzzle that provides a fun activity for people with dementia, memory loss, head injury, or stroke. MindStart 60 Piece Barn Puzzle Specifications: Pieces: 60. Individual piece size: 2 X 1-3/4 inch. Measures: 11.5 inches wide, 16.25 inches long. Material: Thick, durable chipboard to stand up to repeated use. Appropriate for: Mild Cognitive Impairment, Early stage dementia, adult developmental delay. Made in: USA.