Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit

The Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit by Easy To Use Products is a complete 4 in 1 dressing tool kit that assists users in putting on socks, a sock remover for taking them off, a dressing hook, and a long-handled shoe horn for helping put on shoes. This versatile dressing aid includes four functions in one to help users increase dressing independence. The Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit serves as a helpful toolkit for effortlessly putting on socks, including compression socks. It also acts as a sock remover for easy removal, a dressing hook to assist with clothing adjustments, and a shoe horn to aid in slipping on shoes. The 30-inch long handle makes it easy to reach the foot without bending or straining. The modular design allows users to add or remove the 8-inch long sections. The ergonomic handle has ribbed thumb grips that make it easy to hold. The top of the handle is curved and can be used as a shoe horn and has a small hook for removing socks. The Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit combines a sock aid, shoe horn, sock remover, and dressing hook with a long handle. The sock aid assists users with putting on socks, including compression socks. The sock aid rotates 90 degrees to allow the foot an easier point of entry into the sock. The shoehorn helps users easily slide the foot into their shoe. The sock remover feature lets users remove their socks without any unnecessary pulling or tugging. The dressing hook helps users pull up pants, shorts, or skirts with ease. The compact size makes it easy to store and travel with. Users with physical disabilities or those who are recovering from accidents or illnesses or later in their lives can use this versatile dressing tool to change their clothes safely, efficiently, and effectively. The Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit works with shoes, socks, compression socks, and clothing, making it the ideal item for dressing independently. Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit Instructions Reach Right Dressing Aid Kit Specifications: Handle measures: 30 inches long, 1 inch wide. Box measures: 10 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 2 inches high. Weighs: 12.6 ounces. Color: Gray. Assembly: Simple assembly required. See the instruction sheet.