Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors Long Pointed Blades

The Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors with Long Pointed Blades are designed to help overcome difficulties encountered by those with weak hand or grip conditions that make the use of conventional style scissors uncomfortable or impossible. Easy to use, ultra light-weight self-opening scissors with long loop handle for additional stabilization. The Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors with Long Pointed Blades have a continuous loop handle that automatically reopens the blades when pressure is released. The additional long loop handle allows the index finger to provide guidance and control, with the middle, ring and little fingers inserted through the loop to provide the strength for the cutting action. Alternatively for those with very limited movement, the fingers can be placed over the long loop. Gently squeeze the scissors shut, then the spring-action of the handle will automatically reopen the scissors as soon as the grip is eased. The high quality polymer loop does not snap and retains spring action. The long pointed blades are made of high quality stainless steel and cut through paper with ease. The safety blade guard is included and to provide safe storage. The color coded handles allow users to easily identify the correct pair to use, blue handles for right hand, green handles for left hand. Users with weak grip or poor hand control will find the Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors with Long Pointed Blades easy to use. Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors Information Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors Specifications: Choose: Right Hand (Blue handle) or Left Hand (Green handle). Blades: 3 inches long, pointed blades. Materials: Stainless steel blades, high quality polymer handle. Overall dimensions: 9.25 inches long, 4 inches wide. Made in: UK.