Easi Grip Card Holders Set of 4

The Easi Grip Card Holders Set of 4 securely hold playing cards for people who have poor grip to help make playing cards easier. These holders allow the cards to be displayed and easily removed for card playing. Each holder consists of two blue plastic discs held together by a spring. After the cards are dealt to the player, the cards are stacked and then inserted between the two blue wheels. Using light pressure, the user then rotates them in opposing directions. The card holder will display the cards in a perfect fan, and grip the cards throughout the game, in the desired suite, run or color order. Easi Grip Card Holders hold up to 14 cards, and allow people with poor hand strength to enjoy card playing without fatigue. Easi Grip Card Holders Set of 4 Instructions Easi Grip Card Holders Set of 4 Specifications: Measures: 3.15 inch diameter. Weighs: 0.6 ounce. Color: Blue. Includes: Four card holders. Holds: Up to 14 playing cards. Recommended for: Weak grip, One handed users.