Simple One-Touch Music Player

The Simple One-Touch Music Player is an extremely simple-to-operate music player with a retro, familiar look, preloaded with 40 big band hits. Users just lift the lid to begin playing music, making it easy to use for persons with a wide variety of cognitive, sensory, and mobility conditions to use and enjoy. The SMPL Technologies Simple One-Touch Music Player allows seniors, even those with very significant cognitive decline from dementia or Alzheimerย’s, to listen to music they love. Healthcare professionals and neurologists agree that listening to familiar music produces demonstrable increases in awareness, lucidity, and recall. Research has confirmed the benefits of providing people who have dementia with music they remember. Clinical testing has shown that this music player is easy to use for persons with a wide variety of cognitive, sensory, and mobility conditions. All the user needs to do is lift the lever to start the music playing. There are no menus to navigate, no wireless connections to manage, no accounts logins to remember. 40 beloved American Classics in mp3 format are preloaded and ready for listening. Users can add up to 1,000 additional songs, or audiobooks, using the included USB cord connected to a computer. The volume control is located on the bottom of the unit to prevent accidental changes. The retro red art deco housing evokes an earlier era while being more visible to those with visual impairments. The highly durable housing consists of a strong wooden enclosure with a high-strength plastic covering, designed to last a lifetime. SMPL Technologies Simple One-Touch Music Player Instructions Simple One-Touch Music Player Specifications: Music file format: MP3. User controls: ON/OFF and NEXT TRACK. Volume control: Located on bottom of the unit. Ancillary controls: User controls can be mimicked using remote switches via the back panel. Power: AC 120 Volts. Power consumption: Less than 700mA at 9V. Amplifier: 6W Class D mono audio amplifier. Dimensions: 11.8 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, 4.3 inches high. Weighs: 3.7 lbs.