A Fitness Experience DVD

A Fitness Experience DVD is an exercise video designed for strengthening senior adults to help prevent falls and improve balance. This strength training program was created by a certified exercise physiologist who specializes in senior adult fitness, health and wellness programs. A Fitness Experience DVD was created by Arnie Fonseca, a Certified Exercise Physiologist who specializes in senior adult fitness. He identified the lack of strength programs geared to those individuals who may have some physical limitation or have trouble getting started with conventional exercise programs. This adapted exercise video provides users a great place to start. Using the exercises regularly can help prevent falls and significantly improve balance. The introduction and closing includes valuable fitness and wellness information. A Fitness Experience DVD is divided into 8 sections: warm up, legs and hips, back and shoulders, arms, abdominals, grip, balance and relaxation. Users can can use all of the program or only those sections for their specific needs. A Fitness Experience DVD provides a strengthening exercises to promote senior adult fitness. Testimonials: “It’s a wonderful video” Ted Podleski, Director of Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association. “I think the fitness video was a great idea and something very much needed.” Cindy Manning, State President, AAAP. A Fitness Experience DVD Specifications: Format: DVD. Running time: 48 minutes. Made in: USA.