Nimble Safety Cutter Package of 3

The Nimble Safety Cutter Package of 3 includes three one-finger safety cutters that allow users to easily open a variety of packages. The ceramic blade easily cuts through parcels and food packaging, paper, and plastic. Nimble Safety Cutter was developed to address the problem that many users with limited hand function experience: opening poorly designed food packaging. This easy-to-use cutting tool is designed to be worn on the fingertip like a thimble. The small ceramic blade cuts open plastic and paper packaging with a swipe of your finger. The Zirconia ceramic blade is much harder and longer lasting than steel and eliminates the need for replacements. Despite being sharp enough to cut packaging, this blade was specially designed to be safe on the skin, removing the chance of accidental injury. The safe blade profile makes it practically impossible to cut yourself and can be safely used by adults and children with limited hand dexterity. The safety blade is snugly set into the comfortable silicone thimble allowing users to cut through paper without having to squeeze scissors or hold a blade handle. The Nimble Safety Cutter is a smart cutting tool that can be operated using just one finger, safely and efficiently. The Nimble Safety Cutter was designed by experts in accessible design. The item was trialed with the support of over 150 volunteer testers, both disabled and non-disabled. Nimble Safety Cutter Package of 3 Specifications: Includes: Three safety cutters. Color: Bright Yellow. Measures: 1.5 inches long. Materials: Silicone rubber, Zirconia ceramic blade.