Power Grip Turning Tool

The Power Grip Turning Tool is an adjustable gripping tool that makes lots of tasks much easier. This easy to use gripping tool is helpful for individuals with limited hand or finger strength to turn small knobs, open childproof bottles, and jars with lids. The Power Grip Turning Tool concentrates the power of the userย’s entire hand onto its slip-resistant jaws. This gripping tool has vise-like jaws that adjust to varying widths. The jaws close by squeezing the handles and open by pulling the handles apart. The lightweight handy helper provides users a firm grip with more power for pushing, pulling, picking up, turning, squeezing, or holding. This tool can be used to turn keys, open bottles, jars, medicine bottles (including childproof caps), pull electrical plugs out of electrical sockets, pull weeds, remove pen caps, and, turn knobs and faucets. This device also aids in opening and closing zippers or blinds, pulling on gloves or socks, squeezing toothpaste tubes or clothes pins, or handling small items such as pins, needles, paper clips, and coins. The pocket size tool picks up items that are paper thin up to 4 inches in diameter. The Power Grip Turning Tool helps users with household tasks that require gripping small items. Power Grip Turning Tool Specifications: Measures: 6 inches overall length. Material: High-impact plastic with rubber jaws. Latex free. Grips: Items up to 4 inches in diameter.