Evo EZ Stylus Package of 2

The Evo EZ Stylus Package of 2 includes two ergonomic stylus with a universal grip for touch screens. The unique design helps eliminate hand pain and cramping when using a small keyboard. The Evo EZ Stylus is an easy to use stylus that is especially useful when emailing and messaging on the tiny keyboards by increasing accuracy, decreasing false touches, minimizing corrections, and allowing users to easily open and close apps. The soft rubber tip protects the screen from scratching and fingerprints on touch screens for IPhone, IPad, Samsung, and tablets. The kidney shaped body allows the user to cup the stylus in the palm of the hand, and is ideal for users affected by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other hand dexterity problems. The unique, intelligently designed stylus is universal and ambidextrous, making it is effective for any user. The shape also prevents e-z stylus from rolling off a desk or other surface. Designed by Hand Therapists, the stylus engages the entire hand, rather than isolated finger muscles. An evaluation of the design by the Arthritis Foundation found that the wide grip fits snugly in the palm of the hand, and is contoured to the shape of the fingers, which makes it easier to use. Rather than following the cylindrical pencil/pen designs that have been used for centuries, the design facilitates a usable grip posture, supporting all the joints of the index finger, providing comfortable joint support and a secure grip on the instrument. Unique, affordable, intelligently designed for adaptive use, the Evo EZ Stylus is designed and made in the USA, and is the ideal typing aid for those with limited hand dexterity using a tiny keyboard. The Evo EZ Stylus is also available in a heavy chrome plated model by special order. Evo EZ Stylus Package of 2 Specifications: Includes: Package of 2 Evo EZ Stylus. Color: Blue and Gold. Handle measures: 2.25 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, 0.5 inch high. Stylus measures: 2 inches long. Made in: USA.