UE Ranger

The UE Ranger is a unique upper extremity exercise aid designed to improve range-of-motion, strength and functional coordination. Therapists will find this device easy to use and helpful for rehabilitation for orthopedic or neurologically impaired shoulder or upper extremity. The UE Ranger features a molded plastic hand support with securing strap, telescopic tubing, articulating joints and detachable base. The hand support is grooved to comfortably accept various sizes of the left or right hand, and does not require the user to grip. The telescoping tube and locking collar adjusts for users of all heights. Therapists will also find the assistive motion device ideal for rehab exercises and myofascial release techniques. As the user progresses through the rehabilitation process, the UE Ranger provides the support to maintain safety while developing biomechanical and neuro-muscular capability. The UE Ranger is ideal for users to perform passive assisted range of motion (ROM) during initial rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery. UE Ranger Instructions UE Ranger Specifications: Includes: UE Ranger, Clinical Applications and Home Exercise Program. Measures: 25 inches long, 10 inches wide, 8 inches high overall. Weighs: 4 pounds. Made in: USA.