Ankle Tough Rehab System

The Ankle Tough Rehab System is an easy-to-follow, effective ankle exercise, rehab, therapy and strengthening program. This 4-pack system includes progressive resistance straps plus an exercise instruction guide for strengthening the muscles and tendons surrounding the ankle. The Ankle Tough Rehab System easy to use resistive exercise system for ankle rehabilitation strengthens ankles injured by sprains, fractures, tendon ruptures, and tendinitis. Additionally, using the progressive resistance bands can help prevent the recurrence of ankle injuries by strengthening and conditioning the surrounding ankle muscles and tendons. For users who previously suffered an ankle injury, using these ankle exercise straps can help to prevent re-injury. Using the progressive resistance straps makes the muscles surrounding the ankle joint stronger, providing protection to the ligaments associated with the ankle. This resistive exercise system includes color-coded resistive tension straps in four strengths: light, medium, strong, and tough. The ankle exercise tension straps form two loops to fit over shoes or bare foot. The included exercise instruction guide is easy to follow for progressive strengthening and conditioning. The Ankle Tough Rehab System offer a system of progressive resistive exercise that is used for effective ankle rehab following a sprain, and to strengthen and condition ankles to prevent injury. Ankle Tough Rehab System Specifications: Includes: 4-pack system (one each of four straps), exercise instruction guide. Constructed of: Heavy-duty elastic, not made with natural rubber latex. Four color-coded resistance levels: Light White, Medium Yellow, Strong Red, Tough Blue. Made in: USA.