Terry Covered Deluxe Sock Aid

The Terry Covered Deluxe Sock Aid is an easy to use dressing aid designed to help users pull on socks and stocking without bending over or raising leg. People who have difficulty bending due to back pain or limited mobility will find sock tool helpful for putting on socks. The Terry Covered Deluxe Sock Aid is made with flexible plastic that is lined with nylon fabric on the inside. The flexible plastic sheet contours comfortably around the heel and is rigid enough to keep the sock open. The nylon lining allows the user’s foot to easily slide into the open sock. The outside is covered with terrycloth to hold the sock firmly until it is on the foot. The 29 inch long strap handles allow the user to lower the sock aid to the floor and then easily pull the sock on their foot. The Terry Covered Deluxe Sock Aid is often recommended by Occupational Therapists for those with hip, knee or back surgery for putting on socks without bending over. Terry Covered Deluxe Sock Aid Specifications: Measures: 9.5 inches long, 7.5 inches wide. Straps measure: 1 inch wide, 29 inches long. Handles: 2 fabric loop handles. Materials: Flexible plastic, Nylon inner lining, Terry Cloth outer covering. Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water. Hang to dry.