Straw Holders with Clips : Package of 6

Straw Holders with Clips include six plastic clips designed to assist users who have difficulty holding a drinking straw in place. These plastic drinking straw holders mount onto the edge of a glass or cup to keep a drinking straw in position. The Straw Holders with Clips keep drinking straws in place and eliminate the need for users to hold the drinking straw. Each package includes six plastic holders. The clip mounts the holder to the edge of the glass. The opening accommodates standard 3/8 inch drinking straws. Straw Holders with Clips Package of 6 provide a helpful solution for users who have a limited grip to drink from a straw without assistance. Straw Holders with Clips Package of 6 Specifications: Includes: 6 per package. Fits: Standard drinking straws with less than 3/8 inch outside diameter. Material: Plastic.