Bra Angel Dressing Aid

The Bra Angel Dressing Aid was designed by an Occupational Therapist to allow ladies who have the use of one hand to be able to put on their bra independently. This innovative and simple to use dressing aid can be used with most bra types and is easily adjusted to size. The Bra Angel is placed around the neck and holds one end of the bra allowing the user to easily bring other end around the body and then fastened. Women of all ages who have upper extremity restrictions, weakness following a stroke, or a broken arm limb often experience difficulty bringing both ends of a bra together. The bra is placed upside down, inside out and back-to-front around the body. The hook end of the bra is then fed into the gripper allowing the user to let go of it and reach for the eye end before joining the two ends together. The bra can then be removed from the gripper and moved around the body and into position. The Bra Angel can then be released and removed and dressing completed. The Bra Angel adjusts in length from 10 ย– 15 inches, and the soft flexible collar comfortably fits around the userย’s neck. The Bra Angel Dressing Aid makes it possible for ladies who have difficulty putting on a bra increased dressing independence. Bra Angel Dressing Aid Instructions Bra Angel Dressing Aid Specifications: Length adjusts: 10 ย– 15 inches. Weighs: 5.71 oz. Material: Latex-free.