Dressing Stick

The Dressing Stick is a long dressing aid that is ideal for people with limited upper extremity movement or decreased mobility. The long wooden dowel has unique hooks on each end that are helpful for dressing aid tasks. The Dressing Stick is made of a lightweight hardwood dowel with a vinyl coated “S” shaped hook on one end for pushing and pulling items. The vinyl coating on the push/pull hook protects any delicate fabrics, and prevents injuring skin. The smaller coated “C” hook on the opposite end aids in pulling zippers and shoelace loops. This dressing aid is often recommended by Occupational Therapists for putting on shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, or taking off socks, and can be used for a variety of tasks. The Dressing Stick is essential for anyone who has difficulty bending, a limited range of movement, or the use of only one arm or one hand. Dressing Stick Specifications: Measures: 27.5 inches long overall, 5/8 inch diameter. Weight: 5 ounces. Materials: Hardwood dowel, vinyl coated hook. WARNING: Important information for California residents