3pp Gel Tubes Package of 5

The 3pp Gel Tubes Package of 5 are made with medical-grade mineral oil to soothe and protect toes and fingers. The soft tubes stretch to fit fingers and toes for comfortable protection of cuts, skin abrasions, blisters, corns, swelling, hammertoes, and more. The 3pp Gel Tubes Package of 5 includes five soft tubes to cushion and protect finger and toe joints. These gentle compression gel tubes help reduce swelling, and smooth and soften scars. Made with medical-grade mineral oil, the tubes cushion and protect toes to prevent blisters, and corns and relieve pain from calluses. The tubes can be worn under the 3PP Oval-8 Finger Splints to cushion and help control swelling. Gel Tubes can be cut with scissors to shorten and they can be stretched when worn for a bit of extra length. In general, the tubes can be worn all day or all night according to need and condition, depending on the user’s condition and comfort level. Skin color and circulation should be monitored throughout the time wearing them and the tubes should be removed as needed. Hypoallergenic oil-based polymer releases medical-grade mineral oil and vitamins to soften and protect skin and assist with scar remodeling. Soft medical-grade mineral oil gel soothes and protects toes and fingers affected by skin conditions such as psoriasis, scleroderma or eczema. The tubes measure 1/2 inch wide, and 1-5/8 inch long and fit a wide range of finger sizes. 3pp Gel Tubes Package of 5 are washable and reusable for repeated wearing. Please note: Due to State and Federal Health and Safety Regulations, this item is not returnable. 3pp Gel Tubes Package of 5 Instructions 3pp Gel Tubes Package of 5 Specifications: Wear: Wear as needed day or night. Remove and dry your skin carefully before reapplying the 3PP Gel Tube. Care: Hand washable and reusable. Materials: Medical-grade mineral oil gel; 100% latex-free. Includes: Five soft gel tubes. Dimensions: 1/2 inch wide, and 1-5/8 inch long. Model: P11115.