TOGU ABS Powerball Large 26 inch

The TOGU ABS Powerball Large 26 inch is a revolutionary inflatable ball with Anti-Burst technology that allows the ball to deflate slowly and safely if punctured. This fitness ball provides an added level of puncture resistant safety and is ideal for use as a seat ball or core stability training tool. The TOGU ABS Powerball Large 26 inch features the Anti-Burst System that prevents the ball from bursting suddenly if punctured. The special material is latex free, odorless, free of plasticizers and phthalates, and allows the air to pass slowly through the hole instead of bursting. Please note, the ABS weight limit is substantially less than the ball’s weight capacity and pumping instructions should be observed. The TOGU ABS Powerball Large 26 inch features a “double groove” design that provides traction and helps prevent the ball from rolling away. Users will find this whole body training device useful for a balance exercises, various proprioceptive and sensorimotor training, and physiotherapy. Sitting on the ball promotes upright sitting posture while engaging the pelvic, abdominal, and back muscles. TOGU ABS Powerball Large 26 inch Specifications: Total weight capacity: 1,100 lbs. ABS capacity: 200 lbs. Measures: 26 inch (65 cm) diameter. Fits: Users up to 5.4 to 5.8 feet (166 – 178 cm) tall. Weight: 3.37 lbs. Color: Green. Materials: Patented Rutonยฎ PVC, latex, plasticizers, and phthalates free. Includes: ABS Powerball, training manual is enclosed with the product packaging. Made in: Germany.