Grip Solutions Mini Grip

The Grip Solutions Mini Grip is an easy to use gripping aid for opening jars, prescription vials, drink bottles, doorknobs, and other items that are difficult to open. This opener is made from a non-sticky, non-slip textured friction material, and has a hand strap attached to help users who have trouble grasping. The Mini-Grip is ideal for a variety of daily tasks, like opening medicine bottles, jars, or opening water bottles. People who have difficulty gripping will find the grip aid helpful for grasping handles, utensils like hair brushes, and handheld items like TV remote controls. The Mini-Grip is a universal opening device that allows users to easily take off lids on beverage bottles, kitchen jars, and prescription containers. Grip Solutions Mini Grip Specifications: Texture: Pebble. Color: Black or Yellow. Dimensions: 3 inches wide, 4 inches long. Material: Proprietary abrasion resistance/non-slip PVC based thermoplastic coating with elastic strap. Co-efficient of friction: ASTM D 3247 Wet: 0.83, Dry: 1.36. Care: Clean with soap & water, disinfectant wipes, common household cleaning liquids or can be placed in the dishwasher.