CanDo Low Powder Exercise Band Packs

The CanDoยฎ Low Powder Exercise Band Packs are a convenient package of fitness resistance bands designed for a progressive strength training program. Choose from 3 different intensity level packs with three different 4-foot bands and an illustrated instruction exercise chart. People with sensitivity to regular powder latex bands will find these low powder bands do not cause skin irritation. These easy to use fitness band packs provide a comprehensive progressive resistance program that can be used anywhere, anytime. Each pack includes 3 different 4 foot long color-coded resistance bands, ranging from light to heavy resistance. The Light Resistance Bands Pack includes yellow, red, and green bands. The Medium Resistance Bands Pack includes green, blue and black bands. The Heavy Resistance Bands Pack includes black, silver, gold bands. Each 5 inch wide colored resistance band is extremely versatile, easy to use and beneficial, and ideal for rehabilitation, strength training and physical therapy. Each package of these low powder bands includes an illustrated exercise guide. Can Do Personal Exercise Band Instructions Manual CanDo Low Powder Exercise Band Packs Specifications: Light resistance: Yellow, red, green. Moderate resistance: Green, blue, black . Heavy resistance: Resistance black, silver, gold. Band Dimensions: 4 feet long, 5 inches wide.