Rickshaw Wheelchair Rehab Exerciser

The Rickshaw Wheelchair Rehab Exerciser is an adapted exercise machine for wheelchair users to strengthen their upper body. This unique piece of wheelchair exercise equipment is ideal for home or facility use. The Rickshaw Wheelchair Rehab Exerciser allows wheelchair users to strengthen arm and shoulder muscles to make wheelchair propulsion, transfers, and pressure reduction lifts easier. The innovative design allows users to face either forwards or backwards from the machine. With the crosspiece in place, the user can use both arms in tandem, or by removing the crosspiece perform single arm workout. The heavy-duty steel construction fits around the width of any standard wheelchair with ease. The Rickshaw Wheelchair Rehab Exerciser is easy to use. First, stack any standard disk weights on the upright weight posts at the rear of the oars. (Weights are not included). Next, roll the wheelchair between the two oars and lock both brakes. Next, pump the oars up and down in tandem or independently. The amount of weight used, number of repetitions, and frequency of use varies widely depending on the individual. For maximum benefit and safety, an individual exercise program should be developed under the supervision of your therapist. Rickshaw Wheelchair Rehab Exerciser Instructions Rickshaw Wheelchair Rehab Exerciser Specifications: Dimensions: 50 inches long overall, 32 inches high, 36 inches wide overall, 30 inches wide inside, 24 inch arm length. Item weighs: 38 lbs. Materials: Steel construction. Latex and silicone free. Weight Capacity: 100 lbs on each side. (Weights are not included.) Assembly: Required. Ship time: Lead time 2-3 days. Model: 10-0690.