Wall Switch Extension Handles

The Wall Switch Extension Handles is an easy to attach long handle designed to allow children, wheelchair users, or anyone who has difficulty reaching to easily reach a wall light switch. Each package includes two extensions with mounting hardware. Wall Switch Extension Handles are clear made of clear plastic and add 12 inches to any standard toggle switch. These easy to use handles put wall switches within easy reach of children, wheelchair users or people with limited reach. Screws and bushings are included to attach the extensions to standard toggle light switches for easy access. The handle easily slides up and down to activate the switch as normal. Users who have difficulty reaching will find the Wall Switch Extension Handles helpful for making life a little easier. Wall Switch Extension Handle Specifications: Includes: Two per package. Made of: Molded clear plastic. Attaches: Screws and bushings (included.) Measure: 14 inches long, 1-3/4 inches wide. Fits: Standard single switch plate covers. Made in: USA. WARNING: Important information for California residents